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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Day 24 of 31 #SOL16

"I'm hungry," whine.
"Really, really hungry."

"Grilled cheese?"


It's late
You're hungry
Usually it's just too bad
but tonight is different.
No obligation tomorrow.
You can have a grilled cheese.
Some nights are made for exceptions.
"No, I just want a hug."
I've got plenty of those
and I don't even need to butter bread.

Goodnight sweetheart.
"I'm hungry."
"How about some ice water?"


  1. Classic! Yes - my kids get hungry right at bedtime too. It's like clockwork. :-)

  2. Sounds familiar! Hungry, thirsty, bathroom, story, another story, another story. Yep, just a typical night at home with the kids! :)


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