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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Day 31 of 31 #SOL16

Here it is. The final day and it is after 11 p.m. I have had slicing on my mind so much today, afraid I would forget to do it. I think I almost did! Today I am sitting here surrounded by piles of clothes as we prepare for a trip to a conference this weekend. My kids are making a trip to the grandparents and my husband and I are going to a be kid free for four days! It's going to be amazing and it will make those hugs at the end of those four days that much sweeter.
I love my kids but I also think little breaks once in a while are good. It's great for my kids to have the undivided attention of their grandparents and it is wonderful for my husband and me to have a meal whenever we want! I am really looking forward to the trip, the break from school, and some different surroundings. It is welcomed and much needed.


  1. It's true - a break can be the best thing. I don't do it often - and when I do it I always get a little anxious and guilty about it before. . . but then the break is just so nice! A respite from the routine. :-)

  2. Enjoy. Every. Minute. 'til Tuesday!

  3. That all sounds wonderful. I've said before when my husband and I get to go away -- "Yes, we'll chew our food and taste it, too." But only parents understand this. I've drawn some raised eyebrows. ;)

    So, enjoy chewing and tasting your food on your four-day. Get some sleep. Talk. Laugh. And, learn at your conference. Perfect weekend!

  4. Enjoy your quiet, alone time. And thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of this community. You and the rest of the TWT team still amaze me at what you accomplish in a month.

    I think you've earned some quiet time. Thanks, again. Shelly Surridge


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