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Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Whole Pie of Slices

There were many slices that arose while I was at the park with my kids today. It was our first visit this year and the sun was beaming, along with my smiling children. When we entered there were a few families, but not many. It was time for one family to leave and the little boy wasn't having it. I remember those struggles, still have them at times. Another family was telling their toddler to slow down and he ended up on his nose in a scream as the parents rushed to him. Just a scratch. Another family was munching on some McDonald's. There were bruises made here and there, polka dotted jackets and a boy trying to balance his stuffed animals on the swings. He would have it and then off they'd fall as soon as he pushed them. I heard, "Will you play with me?" I listened to turn taking and whines as some had "long" ten second waits in the line at the slide as families began pouring in. Kids of all sizes and a few adults took a whirl on the tire swing. It was joyful mostly aside from the squeals of sorrow little ones felt when it was time to go home. I had a game plan for mine.
"Hey, it's time to go!"
"Awww, really?"
"Yeah, let's take a walk on the path and then get a shamrock shake!"
While we walked there were blobs of snow and slush on the path. Luckily our feet were prepared. We saw ducks walking on the still frozen river and walked to the lookout to see all the water that was already flowing. It's amazing to see how things transform as the season changes. It also made me look at my children with a bit of a pause. They are so much bigger than the last time we took this walk so many months ago.


  1. The promise of McDonald's on the way home has saved me many a time.

  2. The promise of McDonald's on the way home has saved me many a time.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful afternoon! I love that adults were having fun on the tire swing, too. Thanks for bringing us along on your walk in the park.

  4. That looks a lot like the park here in my town. Such great memories to make and Slices you could write. Kids grow way too fast! My fave is the part about taking the path to get shamrock shakes. Love it!

  5. I was hoping to see pictures of your kids enjoying the teeter-totter or the merry-go-round at the park. I distinctly remember a conversation about those two favorite playground items. Looks like your kids a great day at the park!

  6. ^^ I was thinking the same thing!! It looks like you had a great day together. And that sure was a fool proof plan for departure time! Nicely done!

  7. Fun and heart warming post! Awe, the brotherly love of helping his sister reac and hang tight! Sweet days!


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