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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Tonight while doing dishes I was listening and jamming out to my favorite music. Now I sit here, listening again to my Spotify playlist and lines ring through my ears. I can't help but write some of them down along with portions of lyrics and my own twist.

I get lost in my mind
while lies shake the dirt
like a gardener
but I am not a robot
I am a warrior
in this tower
I take a walk
and what do you know
I'm a king
I'm a lionheart
howlin' for you
young blood
say it, just say it
little secrets
punching in a dream
I'm delirious
and sweet sick
tried and tired
I lay me down
I sleep
as you push me down
and cry for the one's I love.

I was reminded today at how much I love poetry. How there are no rules. How I can write whatever I want and it's meaning may only be for me, it doesn't matter. I love it. It's for me. No one needs to get it, I get it.

Inspirational credit goes to:

The Naked and Famous
The Black Keys
The Mowgli’s
Passion Pit
Steve Aoki
Of Monsters and Men
The Head and the Heart
The Tallest Man on Earth
Marina and the Diamonds

Bronze Radio Return


  1. Very cool idea! "There are no rules....." it is for you. I love poetry too and so do my kids.... same reason.


  2. Very creative Betsy! You made the perfect blend using lyrics for inspiration!

  3. This is awesome! I love music and the way it gets stuck in my head. This is the perfect way to share that love with the world!

  4. Love it! Hmmm... Makes me wonder what my country music lyrics collage would'n....cheat'n...drunk'n...haha

  5. Love using music as a springboard for writing. This was a fun, energizing entry today. Thanks.

  6. I haven't written a poem in so long. Probably because I haven't been reading as much poetry as I used to. Reading your poem-slice and reading about how to try writing them today on TWT reminds me that I should have a go with poetry writing again. Soon!


Thanks for the comment love!