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Monday, March 9, 2015

Conference Night

Ah, spring is in the air which also means it is conference week. I went outside for a few minutes this afternoon just to enjoy the fresh sunshine air that was around my head. I loved it. Kind of recharged my batteries a bit before taking on these conferences. As much as I enjoy talking to parents about their child it can be hard at times too. Being honest about struggles doesn't feel good for me or the parents. It's not that they are hearing it for the first time, but I think each time it stings a little. I am lucky to have two children that have not struggled, as of yet, in school. They have a love of learning and do their best. However, the road is not easy for everyone and I try to put myself in their shoes when talking and tread carefully.
Wish me luck that things go well. They usually do and my parents are kind and sweet this year. Not every year is like that. I can't wait to try and catch another glimmer of sun before I'm finished, but I will likely be going home in the dark tonight.


  1. I hear ya sister! It's frustrating for everyone when you have to share the not-so-good news of struggles, even if they have heard it before. At least there is usually something good going on too, and kind parents help a lot. Good luck!

  2. Those difficult conferences can be tough. I always make sure to balance lots of good whenever I have some not-so-good news to share. And you are right -- it does sting a little each time, even if it is old news. I wish you the best of luck and hope that there will be some sunshine still left for you on your way home.


  3. Do your best to put yourself in their shoes and remember that every parent wants only the best for their children.

  4. I was a parent of struggling children but I always respected the teachers that were honest with me and didn't sugar coat the realities. Most important I appreciated helpful advice that I could attempt to use at home. So, when I am dealing with parents I try to remember the frustrations and how I coped as a parent. Good Luck!


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