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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

That Post

It's March eighteenth. A hard day for me to write. I don't know why. Maybe I'm tired. Maybe I'm a little beat down after a long several difficult weeks at school. Maybe it's none of those things and I'm just void of any significant thoughts. This challenge can be tough at times and tonight it is tough for me. Everyone has these days and I think everyone writes at least one slice about not having anything to write about. That is today for me. I hope it will be the only day I have like this. I hope I will notice more tomorrow. I know I passed many slices along my day today, but I wasn't looking, my eyes weren't open enough.

sun squinting
my eyes sealed
tears reserved
no feelings revealed
I sit and ponder
nothing settled
no words to whisper
no flower pettalled


  1. You may not have felt you had anything to write but that poem at the end felt pretty significant. It felt unsettled, significant.

  2. I totally agree with Robin- I loved the poem and it expressed so well what you were thinking/feeling. I love the line "no flower pettalled".

  3. I know I had a goal of doing slivers this year instead of slices but some days it is hard for me to pay attention to or form words worthy of nibbling on of the crumbs of my day.

  4. Your poem on the end was pretty powerful! Maybe your sapped because you are trying to hold too many people up. It's ok to let others support you occasionally. Here's my support.....thanks for your determination to keep my writing. I think I am enjoying it even more and it's coming easier thanks to your encouraging comments....Robin's too! I feel that I've grown as a writer which hopefully transfers to my students. So ...thanks!😄


Thanks for the comment love!