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Monday, March 29, 2021

A Conference Night Slice

It's one of several conference nights I've had over the past two weeks. One more night to go later this week, and I should be finished. In the fall, I remember conferences going pretty quickly. Everyone had finally fallen into somewhat of a rhythm and knew how to navigate the remote learning environment. I had communicated so much with families up to that point that talking again felt redundant. To top it off, they were all being done on Google Meet. Again, something that was more comfortable at that point but still a bit unusual 

This time has been different. I know these families so well. Better than I've ever known a class of students. That is saying a lot. There are some families I've had multiple years, but this year, the connection I have to my families is so much deeper. I'm in their home every day. They've heard me sing, watched me dance, listened to me teach. I've heard them try and watched them help. It's not perfect, but we have all made it better along the way. 

I love these kids and their families. These conferences have been tough but good. I'm looking forward to being finished and getting to relax these tight shoulders—just a few more days and then a break. 


  1. It's amazing how far we have all come in one year. If we just sit back and reflect, our profession should feel good. Glad the moments came together for your class over the crazy year.

  2. Oh, my heart aches for everyone teaching during this time. And then I read your words, "I know these families so well. Better than I've ever known a class of students." And I'm so happy these families have you. I hope those shoulders will relax soon. And that you get to enjoy your break.


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