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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day Eight of Thirty-One: Not My Way

I miss the morning
peeks at ponds
and birds
and sun hit hues

of leaves
and trees,
commuting bees,
passing while humming a tune.

Now it's me.
A semi or ten,
road ragers,

No wandering of mind
or wondering eyes.
This is just not
my way.

These are both pictures I found in the media library of my first blog. I remembered I used to stop and take photos in the morning of my drive. There is a pond with beautiful birds. I love my old drive. I'm looking forward to getting it back next year.


  1. Such a beautiful poem - an "ode" to what you are missing. There is nothing other more spiritual and healing as nature, God's free gift. I love how you resolved your poem - "No wandering of mind or wondering eyes..." so pretty - so powerful. Hopefully, this change will only be a short pause.

  2. I was captured by the idea that you realized that you weren't missing your house, but your commute. The place, the transition, the path. What a good thing to realize and to write about.

  3. Betsy, I love poetry slices and of course images to accompany them. Nature is such a motivator.

  4. Your poem is beautiful with the rhythm and careful line breaks and rhymes. The sentiment is what really gets me, though. I can't wait for you to be back in your house.

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  6. Betsy,
    I think of you often. I know it has been difficult, and I'm sure you look forward to the day when life gets back into an even rhythmic tone.

    Stopping by your blog was a breath of fresh air. I've always enjoyed your poetry and it's been a bit too long since I stopped by to read it. You have such a way with words. Every stanza the perfect group of thoughts, every line just right, and the feeling of all of you miss so evident. I hope you are back to your drive with "sun hit hues" soon.

  7. I just went back through several of your posts from March and am so awed at how you're facing loss head on through writing. Each post is so poignant. Thank you for teaching us how to recognize sadness and put it into beautiful words.

  8. A drive on the busy highway is not a very relaxing way to work or back home after a long day at work. Your sense of longing is apparent in your poem.

  9. I love the images conjured by your poem. I love the wonderful Lewis Carroll-like cadence of the first two stanzas and I love the commuting contrasts that will remind me pay closer
    attention to my own travels. What an amazing gift you have.

  10. There are so many things we take for granted. This post hit one squarely on the head. I would never have really given my daily commute much thought in terms of the view, but I can completely understand why that hits you in this way. It's yet another change. I don't blame you a bit for missing your birds and ponds and bees. I'm sure they miss you too!

  11. It's funny how we often don't realize how significant our day to day drive can be. The rhythm in this piece is wonderful!

  12. Where you live sounds (and looks) wonderful.
    I understand the desire to return.