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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Day Twenty-Six of Thirty-One: Not My Cabinet

My great-grandmother, Edith, was quite a character. When I was still living at home we would go every weekend to take her out to lunch and run different errands. She lived about thirty minutes from our house in a nursing home. She was a very observant lady who, even though she could barely see, didn't seem to miss a beat. Edith was always up for a trip or a good chicken wing. 

Because she spent a lot of time alone, she had a lot of time to think and watch the Lawrence Welk Show. We would often know when it was on because she would call to tell us the channel. Surely we would want to watch too. She would also call quite frequently to ask my mom about various items.

"Do you know where you put my salt and pepper shakers?"

There were so many things she wondered about and she would often give my mom directions as to which cabinet or drawer the item had once belonged to. I imagine it gave her a reason to call but I also think she honestly wondered about all her "stuff." 

I have a better appreciation for that wonder now. I sit here, all the time, my mind might be on any number of things but I still picture my house. I picture my cookbooks every Sunday because I would often grab one or two from the cabinet above my stove when I was making my meal plan for the week. Rarely did I actually pick a new recipe but I really liked looking through my cookbooks. I imagine my great-grandma also pictured her home and exactly where those salt and pepper shakers used to be. 

The cabinet above the stove here is empty. It's not my cabinet. I look forward to rebuilding my cookbook collection and filling up a cupboard with new memories one day. 


  1. Oh my goodness, every time I read your post I'm floored. This post is one of my favorites of yours, I think. The connection between your grandmother thinking about the small things, like salt & pepper shakers, and you thinking about your cookbooks is so bittersweet. xoxoxo

  2. I'm thinking of some type of quote by Lucy here..."The bigger the idea, the smaller we write..." That's not it, but it's something like that that you have captured here. Enormous ideas captured in the small details of lives past and present. Beautiful!

  3. Lawrence Welk...I thought my Grandma was the only one in the world that watched that show! Ha! Anyway, this is beautifully written. I like the seemingly effortless way you wove two different stories together.

  4. Just like Robin, I'm laughing at the fact that MY grandma, too, watched Lawrence Welk :-)
    I'm sending you good energy for cookbook shopping and finding new recipes to fill your kitchen.

  5. Uh oh, I'm dating myself here. My parents watched Lawrence Welk, actually the whole family watched Lawrence Welk. I love the way you take the wondering of your great grandmother about the little things and connect it to your own sense of wondering about the things you've lost. Hugs and wishes for new cookbooks to fill that cabinet and make it yours.

  6. The familiar is so important to us. Our routines hold meaning for us.