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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Day Twenty-Three of Thirty-One: Not My Fowl

Some of you may remember, from previous years, how much I have sliced about birds. I love birds. I have written many poems about them and I find them fascinating. I don't necessarily like "pet store" birds, they kind of freak me out, but birds in the wild. I love them!

When I was a little girl I would chase birds around my yard desperate to catch one. I wanted one so badly. When I see my first robin each year in the spring, it makes me so happy. I've been in near car crashes because of unusually early robins.

Perhaps one of my most favorite birds EVER is the Great Blue Heron. Once when we were kayaking down the river a few years back we saw one as it flew over the water. It was an amazing sight. I would occasionally see one on my drive to work. I don't think I ever got a picture of it. My kids got really good at getting my attention when a bird was near.

Tonight Elliot was taking the dog out and ran back in the house.

"Mom, get your phone. You aren't going to believe this."

There, right on the edge of the water was a heron eating a fish. I've never seen one eat right before my eyes like that. I scrambled to get my phone and video it's little dance on the side of the water. It was quite something. We watched for quite a while. Eventually, it moved on but it was a nice way to wrap up the day. It's not my fowl but it got my attention and I hope it comes back to visit again soon.


  1. What a moment! Living in a cold climate, bird sightings are one of my favorite harbingers of spring.

  2. Wow - gorgeous. They are a favorite of mine as well. We see them often - which is surprising as I live so close to the city. We have a few parks where they nest so we can see them up close. I once saw some in my yard - which is postage stamp -- I need to find that picture.... I haven't thought of that memory in awhile. Thank you for a beautiful slice and a connection to a slice of my own.

  3. This is a bit of glory. I, too, love the Great Blue Heron. It's awe-inspiring to happen upon such an interesting shape in nature. Thank you for this account!

  4. What a great way to end your day! I recently saw one back at our pond a couple of weeks ago and new spring was here.

  5. I've been seeing what I believe are sandhill cranes on my drive home from work lately. They are pretty cool but not as lovely as the great blue heron. That was a lucky sighting tonight!

  6. I share your passion for bird watching as well. My grandma and grandpa had a wonderful place in the country by a creek where the blue heron was a wonderful sight to watch as well as many other species. They instilled a passion for nature that I will never forget.

  7. What a beautiful gift to you.