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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Day Twenty-Eight of Thirty-One: Not My Nine-Year-Old

When did this happen? When did this little girl become double digits? Shawn and I were talking about it last night and realizing as we talked that in less time than we have known her she will likely be moving on. Starting an independent life of her own.

As I watched her last night decorating her cupcakes for school I could see that independence blooming. She's grown so much over the past year. Her confidence is no longer in short supply. She brushes her hair on a more regular basis (this is a big deal). Her style is all her own. The creativity inside her continues to make its mark and some day I am sure will make a splash in a big way.

She's not my nine-year-old anymore. :)


  1. Oh, little Janie is growing up! I remember when you started slicing. She was an itty-bitty little girl!

    Happy 10th birthday, Jane.

  2. My twins are about to turn 10 next week and I so identified with this post! Like you, my daughter is also starting to brush her hair on her own. You're right: it's a big deal! Such a milestone!

  3. Hang on...I'm still back there lost in the "when did this happen" moment at the beginning! There's no way that this little sweetheart has grown from my little kindergarten buddy to this big double digit girl! Stop growing!

  4. Reading reflections like this make me recall Sandra Cisneros' "Eleven." In the light of that short story, my supposition is your daughter's still your nine year old, even as she's today's 10-year-old and tomorrow's teenager... Thanks for catching this moment in words and pictures.