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Monday, March 6, 2017

Day Six of Thirty-One: Not My Slider

As Shawn and I prepare to meet with the builder to envision our new home we have found there are benefits to living in a home that is not yours. You begin to realize things you never had that might be nice! 

Our house was a traditional fifties style home complete with a pink tile bathroom, orangey brick facade, sturdy doors, and a galley style kitchen. The home we are currently renting could not be more different. It is a bi-level home complete with large open kitchen, lots of stairs, and space to move. 

Our house was small and this house is big. One thing we have definitely decided is we DO NOT need a larger home, necessarily. Our method of operation is to fill the space and we do not need more "stuff." That might sound funny coming from someone who lost practically everything. However, it really puts all your "things" into perspective. One thing we do love about this house is it has two sets of sliding doors. 

We were sketching out ideas last night and Shawn said, "Wouldn't a sliding door out our bedroom be nice?" 
I got excited! "Yes, right out to a deck!?" 
It's so completely overwhelming to try and picture what a new home will look like when you realize how many decisions it will become and how much everything will cost!

"What color grout do you want in the bathroom? Carpet or hardwood? Which door knob do you prefer? Can you look at these samples?" 

And yet, it is exciting. It was not planned. The timing could probably not be worse but at this time next year, I might just have a sliding door somewhere in my new home. I'll hold onto that. 

Not my slider + several leaves that the Michigan wind decided to pile up right outside!


  1. when Bob and I first moved out to Massachusetts from the midwest, I was completely overwhelmed by, well, everything. We rented someone else's furnished house that year with their cleaning lady. It was the best decision I have ever made. It was probably Bob's idea. :)

  2. We built our house 24 years ago and I was so overwhelmed with ALL of the little decisions a home builder has to make...right down to the light switch covers. I have said that we need to build another one to make up for the mistakes I made with the first one. But my husband doesn't agree with that logic! Good luck and you really should get the sliding door! :)

  3. Just pretend you are on HGTV! Kidding...I can imagine it must be a little fun and a lot overwhelming. You captured both here. Hopefully you will have a little fun with your design and maybe even explore some options you didn't know you always wanted. :)

  4. How exciting to plan your new home but I am sure a little overwhelming at the same time.

  5. I live in a small house and do not want any more space -- I totally agree. There are one or two times a year when hosting a holiday that I wish it was bigger -- but we always make do. Keeps you close and let to clean!

  6. How wonderful to be able to think about the things you would like to have in your new home! Like a slider in your bedroom!