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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Day Twenty-One of Thirty-One: Not My Sounds

I've noticed something about the noises here. They are different. I suppose it's normal. Different places, different sounds. As I walk outside here I notice chirps and quacks. Ripply sounds and splashes. What I miss is what I heard over the weekend. We stopped at the old house for a short visit the other day. The kids were delighted to see the neighborhood kids and quickly ran over to play. Shawn and I were picking up the yard a bit and moving a few things around in the "out garage." Every so often we would stop and listen to the squeals and laughter. The screams of delight. It was a pleasant sound. One I'm looking forward to hearing again on a daily basis. Right now we live in a quiet neighborhood. We don't see many kids out playing. Maybe as the weather warms the children will come out to play. Until then I am reminded that these are not my sounds but they will be again.


  1. Every house and yard has its own personality, including sounds. This was an interesting way to think about a new space. We noticed many differences when we moved. I wonder how many sounds will be the same and if there will be any new sounds when you return?

  2. Different places, different sounds...Betsy, this post reminds me that life goes on and normalcy returns after a move or a change.

  3. I often wonder what our neighbors have thought about all the sounds they hear around our place over the years. We create a lot of sounds on the farm. I am sure your neighbors are missing your sounds as well and will be glad when you are back!

  4. Squeals and laughter. Precious moments.