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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Day Twenty-Nine of Thirty-One: Not My Nest

The other day I could hear a clattering below our bedroom window. It sounded like something was banging into the drain spout. I asked my children what they thought the noise was. They knew immediately.

"Oh, it's that bird that lives in the nest by the back door."

I had to go look of course. I haven't attempted to get a closer look yet but it appears to be empty, no eggs. I snapped a picture and thought about how much work goes into making a nest. Strand by strand. Carefully placed. Sometimes a sprig of tinsel here and there. It's not my nest but it did inspire a poem.

With bits of green,
brown, and gray

Pieces of earth
painstakingly placed

Carefully woven
with a mix of glitz

Tucked safe and tight
nestled by brick


  1. Beautifully written.
    So much care goes into making a nest.

  2. This is so lovely! And I love that your kids knew just what it was! The line "...a sprig of tinsel here and there" stood out to me...made me think of a Christmas tree.

  3. The poem was perfect...I love a good nest. It's always interesting to see what ends up in there.

  4. It's funny what kids notice and what we don't notice! I really enjoyed the rhythym of your poem.

  5. It may not have been your nest, but it inspired another beautiful poem.