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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day Fourteen of Thirty-One: Not My Stream

The house we are living in right now, as I mentioned in an earlier slice, is on a channel. There are resulting creeks and streams all through the neighborhood. I'm not sure if they are man-made or natural works of art but I sure do like driving passed them.

The kids like to ride their bikes down to one in particular and watch for little bits of life. A duck. The occasional otter. Minnows and little fish, as well as plant life, reside in the cracks of the rocks. I'm waiting to see what it looks like in the spring. I can only imagine it will be a sight teaming with life. 

Looking forward to watching it rise and fall with spring rains. Wondering how many soaked sets of shoes we'll have at the end of each day once it swells beyond its grassy barrier. We shall see. It's not my stream but for now, I'll enjoy it. 


  1. "Wondering how many soaked sets of shoes we'll have at the end of each day once it swells beyond its grassy barrier." That was my first thought too. How muddy this stream is going to make my house thanks to my boys and their footprints into everything. Such an interesting slice on just one chunk of imagery. I love it.

  2. It's a beautiful place. I hope you have a few pairs of wet shoes this summer! Maybe new rain boots by the door. :) Thank you for painting such a vivid picture of this favorite spot.

  3. It must be so strange to be in a place that is home, but not really. I love your theme this year and I wonder if it is therapeutic to write about your current home in this way. It feels like it is.

  4. I'm thinking you need to invest in some rain boots and a rubber mat very soon! :)

  5. We live near a small river/stream, too. My wife insists there is something therapeutic about being able to live near and see water around where you live. Perhaps she's right. I hope this water brings you peace!