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Friday, March 3, 2017

Day Three of Thirty-One: Not My View

After the fire, we were in a hotel for a few weeks. It was good, I can say that now, to be all together in one room. There was a pool and the kids went swimming every night. We had a view of some trees and the road/parking lot. We didn't care one bit about the view.

Now, we are in our rental home, waiting. One thing I will say is there is a heck of a view out the window. It often catches me off guard a bit. I've always loved the water and this house sits on a channel. The kids were able to go ice skating this winter, something they had never done. Elliot has gone fishing many times now that everything has thawed. These are things we would not be doing in OUR home. I'd likely be watching my kids run around the yard, climbing the pine tree, and arguing with each other or the neighbor kids about who gets to pick the game. Instead, we are here. It's very quiet and I can look out at the ripples and they seem to stretch beyond my ability.

It's our healing house. That's what my mom calls it. I think so. As much as I would not want a view like this under these circumstances, it's nice to have it, even for just a while. It's also nice to know that the woods behind OUR house will be waiting for my attention. I can sit here in this kitchen, writing this post, knowing that this time next year I will likely be sitting in my own kitchen looking at the woods, feeling a bit more settled.

My camera didn't quite do it justice
but "not my view" is okay for now. 


  1. New opportunities, but still longing for home- I am sure your feelings are so hard to manage. You are really showing the challenge of it all.

  2. That is a gorgeous view... I like the idea of a healing house.

  3. The view sounds amazing and somehow I am not sure how but being near the water has a nice calming effect. I like how your mom called it the healing house.

  4. The healing house...I love that. A healing house where you can spend a chapter of your life until the next chapter begins. The view, while not YOURS, is beautiful. I love being near's calming, but I know your woods are probably calling your names.

  5. Totally love the term "the healing house." Your pieces are so captivating because of the raw emotions and the knowledge that through writing you are likely finding some healing as well.

  6. Betsy,
    I haven't been on the blog circuits for awhile. Sorry to hear about your situation. Hoping things are healing. You do have a beautiful view from the healing house. Thinking of you.