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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Day Twelve of Thirty-One: Not My Style

Janie and I were watching a bunch of conferring videos I made a few years ago at a summer writing camp. I had been making them for upcoming presentations and to have some examples for teachers. As we perused my youtube channel she looked at me and said, "Man, you used to have some rockin' outfits."

I had to laugh a little. She tends to be a fashion-ista probably way ahead of her time. I tend to be patterned and skirted, with a touch of free love whimsy. Not all of my clothes were lost in the fire. Just everything in my closet or on the main floor which was mostly cold weather clothing along with some things I hadn't put away yet.

Most of my summer outfits and dresses were already stowed away in the basement. When it does finally decide to warm up, this will be a nice change from what I have been wearing. Currently, I have five solid colored t shirts, a few long pull over sweaters, black and gray pants, jeans, and two pairs of leggings. I also have a couple of long sleeved shirts/sweaters and a pair or two of cords. Compared to what I did have it's pretty bland.

I just need to get some sandals so when that weather hits I'm ready! I have one pair of gray slip on tennis shoes and two pairs of boots. It's crazy. I used to have around five pairs of boots, probably at least eight pairs of sandals (some of which I absolutely loved), a couple pairs of tennis shoes, and several slip on flats or short heels. It didn't feel like that much compared to some people I know, but now I realize, it was a lot!

So, I think a shopping trip is in order so I can be prepared for that warmer weather that is hopefully around the corner. I can hardly wait to break out my long white skirt with big black floral designs because right now this is just not my style.


  1. So funny that I read this as I see our weather report for 12"-20" of snow this week. Happy Shopping!!

  2. What an interesting opportunity to "restart" your fashion sense after your loss. Here's me still cheering on the last of winter and a possible snow day!

  3. I think you deserve a little retail therapy, friend. Go for it!

  4. The thought of warmer weather is a pleasant thought. Although it has been lovely here in Michigan, we are under an advisory for the next 24 hours.

  5. It was 16 degrees this morning at my house with a blizzard headed our way! It's pretty neat to think about sandals and summer clothes!

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing you in some of your favorites again. I also think you deserve a little shopping fun! Enjoy!

  7. Hope you find some just right treasures for a great deal on your next outing!


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