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Friday, March 10, 2017

Day Ten of Thirty-One: Not My Snowdrops

A sure sign of spring is always the emerging of snowdrops. I searched all the digital photos I have. I even looked through some posts from the early blogging days to try and find a photo of the patches of snowdrops that always made their entrance in early March. I'm certain I have written about them before.

They were usually surrounded by bits of snow and their bright green fragility was always fascinating to me. Such a backdrop of white with spring green shooting up between the patches. Such a delicate flower yet hearty enough to withstand cold winds, rain, and even more snow sometimes!

Shawn walked in this morning and said, "Hey, did you see the snowdrops on the side of the house?"
I had not, but my excitement was uncontainable. I went to photograph them as soon as I could and then began the search for my old pictures. No luck.

These are not my snowdrops but they gave me a lot of joy this morning thinking about the patches that are waiting for me in our woods back home. They also reminded me that sometimes the strongest embodiments of life have fragile exteriors.


  1. We just moved in mid January.
    So last week I was tickled pink to see that there were snowdrops in my tiny garden in front of our town house.
    Spring is coming!

  2. I love those first signs of spring! They look so delicate but yet tough! I dug up all my bulbs to move them and then didn't have time last fall to replant them so I am going to miss them.

  3. The promise of spring! Like crocuses and daffodils, both of which were covered with snow in my garden this morning.

  4. I just googled it, and hooray, deer don't eat snow drops. It's already marked on the October page of my calendar: plant Betsy's snow drop bulbs. (I hope you don't mind, but I give all things of value personal names) Next spring, when the nights are still way to long, I will think of you with joy as my new tough-delicate blooms join the daffodils and crocuses.

  5. those are beginning to look like spring!! amazing things!

  6. Snow drops herald spring. Meanwhile, our forecast is for more snow. The meteorologists just aren't committing to totals yet. No wonder you are beyond excited! I want Spring too, can you share?

  7. Those are beautiful! I think I need to add some of those to my yard! I was just noticing today that there are some signs of spring in my yard too. Not quite that pretty yet, but we are getting ever closer to the warm least, maybe after this cold weekend. :) They might not be your snow drops but I'm glad they made you happy today!

  8. I recall from my time living and working in the US how dramatic the onset of spring seemed. it often had a feel of quite literally bursting into life, rather a gradual emergence. Your piece is a celebration of the joy the marker of spring provide. Simple pleasures indeed. Thanks for the reminder Betsy of how important it is to acknowledge nature's small gifts.

  9. What a beautiful gift to you that day.