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Friday, March 24, 2017

Day Twenty-Four of Thirty-One: Not My Fans

I've never had a house with a ceiling fan. In this house, every single room has a ceiling fan. Each one is different and a little unique from the others. Today was warm. It actually felt a little hot! We had all the windows open and several of the fans going. The breeze throughout the house made me feel like I was outside. As I would walk from room to room I was constantly hit with moving air. It felt pretty good. Fresh. There is nothing better than opening up all the windows in the house on one of the first warm days of spring. Each breath feels a little cleansing like you are exhaling winter.

Not My Fans 
Well, three of the six anyway.

I wasn't allowed to turn this one (below) off. It's actually really warm in our bedroom! I promise that is not me complaining about the heat already. ;)


  1. It has been so chilly in NY! Glad you are exhaling winter and now comes the hope and rebirth of spring with brighter days ahead.

  2. I like how you take the most simple common things that we take for granted and put a twist to them. It got me thinking about our ceiling fans. My daughter's old room has a really cool tropical looking fan, the family room has two huge fans with a country style theme. Chosen carefully to reflect us. Those are just a couple out of the seven we have throughout the house.

  3. So true! There's nothing like fresh air through open windows!