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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Day Thirty of Thirty-One: Not My

This was the first year I followed a thread through my SOLSC posts. I was really hesitant to try it. I wasn't sure I could do it. Could I keep it going? I knew it would be hard for a few reasons. In the past, I was able to treat the challenge as a way to force myself to notice. To be a witness to my life and record the little, the big, and the invisible. This year, following the "not my" thread through each post, was a new challenge. I think I will really appreciate having recorded all these bits of life that are not mine. I might have forgotten otherwise and it is a further testament to the importance of writing down the small, the big, and the invisible.

When we ask ourselves to be a witness we see all. We reflect more deeply and the fog of our day to day dissipates. Visibility improves. I not only understand myself a little better but I understand everyone around me a little better too.

As I wrote it all down, you became a witness to my life and I became one of yours.

I have appreciated the journey and tomorrow's slice will not be a "not my." Thirty days of thinking about what is no longer is enough. Thirty-one seems like a fresh number. A turning point you might say. Here's looking to tomorrow. The last day or maybe the first day.


  1. I think you summed up the month perfectly when you said "the last day or maybe the first day." I know you were deep in reflection and processing with your posts this month and to say I enjoyed them seems a little wrong, so I will say instead that I looked forward to reading your insights each day.

  2. I can imagine that you learned a lot about yourself doing this for the entire month.

  3. I hadn't read your earlier posts so I just went back and did that. So much pain and growth here. I really like how you traced that thread, and I think it's huge that you're ready to turn a corner. I'll look forward to reading tomorrow's post.

  4. Besty, I just came across your blog and I went back and read some of your amazing slices.. a lot of deep, beautiful writing.

    Very inspiring -- I'll be coming back for more because I'm not at that place right now.. I'm somewhere else, but you're a touchstone I'd like to keep!!

    Thank you!

  5. I really found this thread a powerful one for reflection. I sure learned a lot and it was so interesting reading from such a different perspective.

  6. What a great thing to do! To have a thread all the way through your slies!

  7. *slices

    I enjoy reading your blog!

  8. I am deeply touched by your posts this month! Thank you for sharing so openly. I noticed a transition out of the darkness towards the end of these posts. Maybe you did too.