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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A Stay-at-Home Vacation Poem

Vacationing In My Mind

If I angle the lamp just right,
close my eyes
it almost feels
like hot sun on my face.

If I breathe just right
in the foggy bathroom
it almost feels
like the humid mist of a Florida morning.

If I squint just right
looking out the back window
It almost feels
like I'm camping in the woods.

If I sit just right
tucked in the corner of my couch
it almost feels
like I'm surrounded by my family.

If I listen real close
if I let myself dream
it almost feels
like I can keep doing this.

1 comment:

  1. This is beautifully sad, a great description of the power of imagination...a haunting last line, "it almost feels like I can keep doing this." It's all the way we choose to look at it, right? I am so sad to be cut off from my granddaughter (16months) for two weeks, b/c we feel we may have had contact with someone with the virus...anyhow, I teased my retired husband - "It will be like we are on a romantic adventure by ourselves for two weeks, except one where I am strangely expected to virtually teach, as well."


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