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Monday, March 30, 2020

Recipe Alert!

I was perusing recipes online. I absolutely love watching videos of food being made. I feel like a preteen watching Youtube loops. However, the other day I came across a recipe from my childhood. I quickly printed it out in hopes I would make it soon.

Today I was reminded of the recipe and decided it was a great day to make it. The recipe is something I used to make all the time as a kid. It's called Wacky Cake and not only is it the easiest from scratch cake to make it is VEGAN! No dairy and no eggs.

It starts with the basic dry ingredients, flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt.

This recipe did not call for three wells in the dry mix, but my mom taught me this when I first learned to make Wacky Cake. Back then, I'm pretty sure it was a third cup of water, oil, and vinegar. One in each well. I followed this recipe for the amounts, which are slightly different. That said, I still made the wells because it felt right.

I even used my old fashion whisk, the fork!

Into the parchment-lined and flour-dusted pan.

After the cake was baked and cooled, I went a step further and looked for a vegan vanilla frosting.

I found a recipe and had all the ingredients but I felt like it might be a bit too sweet or just a single note kind of frosting. Then I remembered my last sleeve of Thin Mints was in the cupboard. Did you know Thin Mints are vegan? They are! I crushed up a few cookies, ate a few cookies and got back to the frosting.

When it was finally, I was pretty happy with it. A single layer, no celebration, weekday cake. Something I never do. Something I should maybe do more often. Dessert is a bit of joy on a plate. One we might begin enjoying more often these days.


  1. I had. I idea Thin Mints were vegan. Wow! I guess I do like Vegan cookies. (There’s a second Vegan cookie I like from Wegmans.) Maybe I would like wacky cake too.

  2. I'm not Vegan, but this cake looks relatively easy, which is just my style! And I'm dying for something sweet! If this thing doesn't get over soon, I'm not going to fit into my work clothes!

  3. It looks scrumptious! I hope everyone enjoyed it! :-) ~JudyK

  4. I think a lot of people are baking these days. I love this line "Dessert is a bit of joy on a plate. " It is, especially right now.

  5. Did you know this is the second time a wacky cake recipe has been posted in a slice this month?! Diane posted the recipe on one of her slices and I was amazed, till now I thought no one else had ever heard of wacky cake and now I discover it's popular (and vegan!) I made one last week, not sure when I'll have the ingredients to make another with or without icing. Yours looks delicious!

    1. I just went in search of her post and FOUND it! Thanks for telling me. That's so incredible.


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