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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Sharing a Laugh

For about a week now, my husband, he's a high school teacher, has been participating in a Goose Chase with colleagues. He is on a team with three other people, and each person is to complete three challenges per day. There are six teams in all. The challenges vary in many ways, from dressing up as characters, eating tacos on a Tuesday, or smelling flowers. It has been fun for our family to help him accomplish his different challenges. For my final slice today, I thought you all might enjoy a laugh from my favorite amateur comedian, my husband, Shawn!

Eat a taco. Bonus points if it's on a Tuesday. 

Find a coin from 1999.

Locate at least five different sports balls. 

Go surfing on an ironing board.

Wear protective gear.

Happy Gilmore: Show us your best golf swing. 

Take care of the environment.

Dress up like a Game of Thrones character.

As you can see, we've been having fun watching him and helping him with these challenges. It has lightened us up and made us laugh. I wish you many more laughs as April starts tomorrow. I thank you for being part of this challenge with all of us. I am always grateful to be part of such a wonderful group of writers, listeners, and learners. 


  1. this is awesome! And I forgot about Goose Chase! I really want to set this up now! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. I have never heard about Goose Chase before, however, this looks like fun and a way to brighten some long days.

  3. Thanks for sharing some laughs with us Betsy. Your husband is a good guy for sharing his laughs with us. Thanks for the shoutout in the Be Inspired section.That was special for me.

  4. My favorite is the Game of Thrones challenge. So fun!

  5. What a fun thing to do....I'm thinking my teenage boys might like to do this with their buddies. I'm glad you're still stacking words. It's important.


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