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Monday, March 23, 2020

Basic Problems

Today I woke up early. Monday morning was called a snow day by the superintendents/principals/teachers of the house.

We just couldn't. 

I had report cards to finish, and I just did not think I would be able to hold my own children accountable for their work today. Did I mention we had a minor flood in the upstairs bathroom? Yeah, not great. But, not earth-shattering either. 

Let me clarify by saying, we are pretty chill at Hubbard House already, it's very much an, explore what's important to you and PLEASE read kind of environment.
That said, we are trying to do what we can as parents, as teachers, as humans. 

Our state is now in a new phase of shut-down mode. It's so weird. I couldn't have even imagined. 
My daughter has a birthday on the 28th, and I'm over here thinking about how to make it as memorable as this pandemic situation the whole world is in. 

One idea I had was to make a sign for our driveway that says, "Honk for the birthday girl." That way, it doesn't say how old she is, but my neighbors will likely know who I'm talking about, and the honks might be fun. I thought, maybe I'll email her friends, family, etc., see if they could drive by, wave, and honk. It would be something. 

It's her thirteenth birthday. We were going to have a party. She was going to have friends over, and they were all going to have matching pajamas and too much pizza. She was probably going to make treats, and I was going to buy the best birthday cake this town had to offer. Now I'm just hoping I can get a cake mix somewhere, somehow. I don't even own cake pans. But, I haven't totally given up. I am resourceful, and I'm sure we will come up with something. We have a whole bunch of sprinkles if nothing else, thanks to my baker daughter extraordinaire and her stockpile.  

As I write this, the snow is almost all melted. The streets are quiet. The kids have been on electronics too much today. And my basement ceiling has a wet line across a large section. 
Eh, oh well. Kind of basic compared to the important stuff. 


  1. I love the idea of a drive-by with a honk. It won't be the birthday she planned, but it will make it memorable. If the girls already have their matching pjs, maybe they could have a Facetime or Zoom pajama party.

  2. Cute! Calling a snow day. We definitely needed the 'weekend' off here. Baking is something that many of us are finding satisfying right now, if we can find flour! How special to have a birthday to bake for. I hope it turns out really nice.

  3. Oh Betsy, her birthday! Such a wonderful idea to have friends drive by and honk. Your piece really exudes both your frustration and MacGiver-like optimism. Hang in there!

  4. This line made me smile- "Monday morning was called a snow day by the superintendents/principals/teachers of the house." Very creative. Yes, I agree how priorities have shifted during this time at home. I know you will figure out a way to celebrate your teen's birthday. It will be a memorable one for sure!

  5. Lucky 13!!! Happy birthday to your daughter! Maybe that day will be another snow day.


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