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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Today I Bake

Today is my daughter's thirteenth birthday. She is the baker in the family. Mostly incredibly delicious and decorative cupcakes, brownies, cookies, or candy treats. Those are her favorites. When she was little, we made her cakes at home. When she got older, and we got busier, we bought cakes from the bakery or grocery store. I haven't baked a cake for quite a while.

For her thirteenth birthday, she wanted me to bake her cake. Now, if circumstances were different, she probably would have just picked it out, but the option was, "Do you want me to bake it, or do you want to bake it?"
She wanted to be surprised. I was glad to be the surpriser but also a little nervous my skills would be rusty.

I got my parchment cut to a circle and greased my pans, then dusted the side with flour. So far, so good.

Getting them out was a bit nerve-wracking but went incredibly better than expected. 

I let them cool a very long time and whipped my frosting up to lighten the color and texture. Then came time get them on the platter, stack, and frost. 
Again, surprisingly, this went super well. I did forget to do a crumb coating first, but it worked out okay, and I moved forward anyway. 

Then came the sprinkles, which was super fun, and super messy, and I'll likely find sprinkles for days even after sweeping, wiping, vacuuming, and running the rumba. Yes, all of those, in that order. Still finding those little pearls. 

But, as you can see, I did not go light on the sprinkles. They had to be everywhere! And they are. My girl deserves it. It will be a moment of happiness on this happiest of days, even amongst the sad craziness that continues outside. 


  1. Happy birthday to your girl! Today is a very special day indeed. Just welcomed a niece into this world. Definitely a day for sprinkles that you will find all month long. Well done on that beautiful cake, and thank you for this slice.

  2. Definitely a time to go all out with the sprinkles! Makes me want to include sprinkles in my next baking venture. Such a sweet post. Here's to turning 13!

  3. Happy Birthday! Thirteen is a special one, and that’s a special cake. Have a great family celebration!

  4. Nice work! That is a special cake for a special birthday. Wishing your daughter a very happy 13th birthday!

  5. Happiest birthday to your daughter. It will be one she won't soon forget! Well done on the cake! My son has taken over baking at my house and I have to say... I am enjoying it!


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