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Thursday, March 24, 2022

A Brow Mistake: SOLSC 24 of 31

When it's possible, I love to include photos in my slices. It adds a little interest and a peek into my life beyond the words. Had things gone a bit differently earlier today, perhaps I would have included a picture with the story I'm about to tell. Then again, I don't think this would have been a story I would tell had things not gone the way they did. 

My husband forgot his coffee this morning, so I made a quick run to his school to deliver the much-needed caffeination for the day. He was grateful. 

On my way home, a short five-minute drive, I decided to detour at the pharmacy. I had a couple things to pick up, and it was a good time to make the stop. 

When I got inside, I noticed some eyebrow waxing, care, and shaping cosmetics. Since high school, I've been doing my own eyebrow shaping and am pretty adept with tweezers. I don't always reach for the wax, but I decided to get a kit. This kit was one with pre-waxed strips. 

I got home and decided it was the right time to handle the crazy brow situation I had been neglecting. The kit was straightforward. I opened the strip and carefully applied it to my right brow. Pressing firmly, I prepared for the rip. It was perfect! Which only added to my confidence. Ready to repeat, I set things in motion for an equally mirrored brow on the left side. 


Swift inhale.

Adjust the mirror.

Look again. 

Disappointed sigh. 

One little bit of the strip was stuck in a small tuft of essential arch-dependent hairs. And there they went. It's been so many years since I had a brow mistake I was utterly taken aback. I quickly accepted that it would be several weeks, maybe a couple months, before regrowth. So, brow pencil it is. 

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  1. Brow powder and brow pencil will be your friends for the next couple weeks!
    If it's any consolation, we've all been there!


Thanks for the comment love!