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Friday, March 17, 2023

17 Lines: 17 of 31

 As a seventh grader 

I was inexperienced 

with the experience

of grief.

I watched you, 

my Maw Maw


You were brash, while lovingly kind.

Someone who skipped in parking lots

while smiling in the sunlight, 

your hand holding mine. 

The pastor said, 

in life, you were "full of piss and vinegar."

And even at the age of twelve

I knew this was meant to be a compliment. 

It was 33 years ago today

we said our goodbyes. 


  1. Ahhh, not the anniversary I was expected. I hold dear these grief anniversaries, too. The lines "in life, you were "full of piss and vinegar."/And even at the age of twelve/I knew this was meant to be a compliment." are particularly precious to me. Thank you for this beautiful slice.

  2. I'm confident your Grandmother would jump for joy in reading your post!

  3. What a lovely tribute to your grandmother!

  4. Some memories stay with you. These lines stand out;"I was inexperienced/ with the experience /of grief."

  5. I love the lines mentioned above but also this: ‘I watched you/my Maw Maw/change.’ So poignant.
    And do I understand that you are writing a poem each day, with the number of lines as the date?! Clever!


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