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Saturday, March 18, 2023

18 Scrunchies: 18 of 31

Today has been a big cleaning day. We've been organizing my youngest bedroom. The desk emerged from piles of crafts, makeup, and hair accessories. I made a list and said, "when this is done, call me back in here." Some things need a mom, and some things don't. 

Arie called me back once several items were sorted and trash was trashed. It was time to decide what was next. I decided soapy water was needed and that the jewelry pile was a good next step while I washed the desktop. 

One more step down, the next one on the way. 

"Okay, things are looking good! Should we tackle makeup and hair next?"

Arie agreed and chose makeup since there was a whole lot more of that to deal with, and I probably would have trashed important items. 

I took on hair accessories and, while I did, took a trip down memory lane. 

When I was growing up in the eighties, hair scrunchies came in every color, texture, and size. You had the fuzzy ones in bright neon. There were patterned and bold styles. Then you had the basic blacks, browns, and neutrals. As I sorted items into containers, I realized Arie had eighteen scrunchies. Isn't it crazy how trends resurface?

Among the scrunchies were around six hair ties, some hair spray, a few brushes, and combs, as well as a flat iron and its plates. Again, blasts from the past. Arie has worn the crimped hair look a few times, but organizing these eighties-era hair accessories took me back. 


  1. It's so funny what we associate with different time periods in our lives. I grew up in the eighties, too, but I don't think about scrunchies. I think about leg warmers and big hair! I currently own a pair of purple Hokas with fuchsia soles and one of my running partners said, "Those are eighties colors." Again, for me purple and fuchsia don't take me back to the eighties, but for her, they do. It's so cool to think about what different objects mean to different people.

  2. Haha! I had long straight hair in the '80s and a lot of neon scrunchies and neon hair bands. Good for the long side ponytail look! 🤣 (And for Kate Narita's comment - I also had A LOT of leg warmers.) Funny how little things bring back unexpected memories.


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