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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Room 16: 16 of 31


I don't remember the year I made the change. At some point in my teaching career, the name of my class took on the room number. When I taught elementary school, we would chant, "Who are we? Room 63!" I made the change to give our space a more unified feel. I'd always called my class by my name. 
"Mrs. Hubbard's class, line up."
"Mrs. Hubbard's class, let's go."
"Mrs. Hubbard's class, go to lunch."
Changing it to Room 63 made the ownership more equalized. It was "our" room, not just my room or my class. 
When I made the move to middle school, I wanted to keep that feeling of unity within my space. Proudly displayed on one of my bookshelves is our room number. 
Room 16. 

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  1. I have an unusual connection with Room 314. It the room number of the teacher featured in a book I read before becoming a teacher. It was the number of my first classroom when I became a teacher. It is also the US abbreviation for March 14 . . . also Pi Day. I definitely take notice of Room numbers. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the comment love!